Uncertainty Over Newark Casino Proposal

Chris Christie

Chris ChristieOfficials in Newark are strongly considering the idea of adding a casino within the city limits. However, there is some disagreement about the impact of this move both for Newark and New Jersey as a whole. The former CEO of Newark Alliance, Al Koeppe, believes that adding the casino would improve employment rates in the city.

A letter was recently sent by officials from Newark to the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, highlighting the positives of having a casino in Newark. They argued that the public transportation, population and accessibility of Newark make it the perfect spot for a casino.

“We believe that developing and running this casino would make a serious impact on unemployment levels in the city. We need to put people back into good jobs. Construction and development would add numerous part time jobs, while the casino would generate permanent jobs as well,” read the statement.

The issue of jobs is not in debate. Everyone familiar with how casinos work know that this project would add long term jobs to Newark. However, the overall impact on New Jersey’s gambling business needs to be considered before a final decision can be made.

There is concern that adding a casino in Newark would be the final nail in the coffin of an already ailing Atlantic City. Most people from New York and New Jersey travel to Atlantic City for their gambling needs. With most casinos in that area struggling, adding another big establishment nearby would further reduce their business.

It will be a tough call to put the interests of Newark and the overall gambling future of New Jersey side by side. Proponents of this casino may have to justify the logic behind adding another gambling establishment to a state that is struggling to keep its existing casinos afloat.

Author: Katie Coleman